Dilmah Premium Quality Tea Bags 100 pack


Traditional, authentic Ceylon tea, infusing real leaf character and taste packed at origin rich in antioxidants.

Come visit us discover ethical tea.

Dilmah is the world's first truly ethical tea.

In Ceylon, a country famous for its tea, there is a tea famous for its taste... Dilmah.

Single Origin Tea is handpicked and packaged Garden Fresh in Sri Lanka, right where it is grown. Made in the traditional style of tea making, perfected over centuries, Dilmah Tea is unblended to celebrate the diverse flavours of Ceylon Tea, blessed with the aspect of terroir. Dilmah Real Tea offers an array of taste, strength and aromas, as varied as the natural climatic factors that make tea from different elevations, regions and estates unique

Single Origin, 100% Pure Ceylon

Dilmah is grown, handpicked and packaged fresh in Ceylon (now Sri Lanka), producer of the world's finest tea. Single Origin guarantees Unblended Pure Ceylon Tea, fresh and full of flavour - faithfully consistent in character and taste.

Packed at Source

Packaging within days of picking the tender tea bud and leaves in the tea gardens retains freshness and natural goodness.

Family Commitment

Dilmah Founder Merrill J. Fernando signs off on every pack of Dilmah Tea, as his personal guarantee of its freshness, quality and integrity. Merrill and his two sons Dilhan and Malik (from whose names the brand name was coined) offer aficionados a truly different tea experience.

Traditional Manufacture:

Major brands have abandoned the traditional, centuries' old method of making tea for a new "fast track" process, which sacrifices the character and taste of real tea. Dilmah remains faithful to traditional and authentic tea. That's why Dilmah Tea tastes so different.

The world's finest tea comes from Ceylon (Sri Lanka) and Ceylon's finest tea comes from Dilmah. For more than a century, Ceylon tea has been acknowledged for its superior quality & taste. Connoisseurs have particularly noted the richness & full flavour of Dilmah, a delicious tea from Ceylon's verdant hill country, handpicked at the peak of perfection & packed right where it is grown. Our tasters, trained to distinguish subtle differences in flavour from garden to garden, select for Dilmah only the freshest & most fragrant teas. Dilmah tea reaches your table with a guarantee of unmatched freshness and truly satisfying flavour.

Packed in Sri Lanka


Ceylon Black Tea, No additives.
All natural.

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